Hardfought now hosts an online NetHack server, which offers a couple different versions of the original, or ‘vanilla’ game, as well as a handful of variants. At this page, you can find everything you need to know to successfully connect to and play on our server. You’ll also find useful information covering a wide variety of subjects, from where to go if you need assistance with a game, to specific how-to links, and other meaningful data.

How to connect:  start up the terminal of your choice (for Windows users, a very popular choice is PuTTY), and connect to via port 22 (SSH). Be sure to check the RSA public key fingerprint when connecting to ensure you’re where you’re supposed to be (2048 RSA 22:88:b9:45:ff:30:a3:8e:12:70:af:90:41:3d:5b:a8)

Connecting from a *nix terminal is straight-forward, you just type ‘ssh’ at the prompt. If you’re on Windows and are using PuTTY, there’s great how-to up on the NetHack Wiki –

Lasted edited on 3/17/2017 – more to follow soon.